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It’s A Southern Thing


I hear people on the network news shows talking about how racism is ingrained in American culture. Speaking as a Southern person, (and I hear we’re all supposedly racists down here) the only racism I see is on tv being spewed by Liberals to further their agenda. Down here in the South, we’re more concerned with what’s inside a person than what’s on the outside.

Sure, there are racists in the South, same as anywhere else. But it is wrong to suggest that there is a greater percentage of racists in the South. We certainly don’t have an epidemic of racism as some would have you believe.

Down here we’re all the colors of the human spectrum, bound together as brothers and sisters, oppressed and laughed at and looked upon as inferior by those who don’t understand us. They try to mimic us in movies, then it’s our turn to laugh at them, or just shake our heads at their ignorance. We are Southern by the Grace of God. Southern is a way of life, a mindset that others just can’t quite grasp.

Yes, some of my ancestors owned slaves. But some of my ancestors were slaves. I’m English, German, African, and Native American. And proud to be a Southerner. Proud of the patchwork quilt of my heritage. Different colors, different cultures blended together to make something new and unique.

It’s a Southern thing.




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Do You Need To Be Perfect?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be perfect. My mother was an intolerable woman, (which is a long story for another time,) and my dad was a good man in a bad marriage who dealt with his lot in life by working long hours and volunteering in the community, which kept him away from home as much as possible. As children are hard-wired to do, I believed my mother. I believed it was my fault that my Dad was away from home so much, that he didn’t want to be around me because I was bad. I believed that I was a constant disappointment to my mother because there was something wrong with me. So I always tried to be the best at everything, to prove to my dad that I wasn’t bad, and to show my mother that I was not unlovable.

This mindset – that I had to be perfect to earn love – carried over into my adult life. I was so wrapped up in the endless pursuit of perfection that I even hated myself if I failed. It bothered me for years, and just a little still, that my college GPA was 3.96 and not 4.0.

When I failed at things, and I did as everyone does, it was life-changing for me to realize that my husband still loved me, still supported me, still believed in me. I began to see that most of the time good enough is good enough. Striving for perfection in every little thing you do will wear you down and make you feel inadequate because nobody’s perfect.

Do your best. Love yourself. Accept your limitations. Think hard on which things in your life really truly need to be perfect, and accept a passing grade on the rest. Trust me, you will live a longer, healthier, happier life if you do.

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President Trump

Well, our voting is done and Donald J. Trump was declared the winner, whether you like it or not. If you’ve read any of my writing probably figured out that I am a Constitutional Conservative. So yes, I voted for Trump. In fact, I wanted Trump to run decades ago.

I’ve followed his career and political commentary since I was a Business Major in college. Not to say that I agree with everything he says and does, but I admire his business savvy and agree with most of his politics.

I think he’s smart enough to know that he has a lot to learn about being President of the United States. He seems to be filling his Cabinet with some smart and shrewd folks who are more accustomed to the political arena than he is.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of you voters out there that took the time and effort to seek the truth amidst all the lies and misquotes and half-truths and misleading news stories. I’m afraid the days of unbiased news coverage are long gone. But thank Goodness [or Google] for smartphones. Everyday people now have the power (and yes it is true power) to record and post the raw video of events to the internet.

One such event that really intrigued me was the Democratic National Convention. After Hillary was announced as the party’s nominee a large portion of the attendees walked out, leaving about 60% of the seats empty. There was a small contingent of Hillary supporters (or paid extras) front and center cheering and waving. And that was what America saw on the network news, making it seem like the conventional hall was full. Just more smoke and mirrors. I watched the raw video on Youtube.

So again, thank you to the truth seekers out there, no matter who you voted for. Please continue to educate yourselves. Inform yourselves. Don’t accept the narrative on the network news as truth. Seek and you will find. There are people with boots on the ground out there recording. Raw. Unprofessional. Unedited. That is where you’ll find the truth.

Much of this election was about people. Real people. Working Class people that fuel the great machine that is the USA. People who chose the raw, unedited, sometimes inappropriate comments of a non-politico over the slick fine-tuned scripts of a Washington insider.

Now, some people are angry. There are protesters in the streets raging against the machine. To them I say–

Throw away your bottle, and get some Pull-ups. Either grow up and contribute to a solution, or get out of the way and let the grownups figure it out.

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The Home Stretch


Well, there are only thirty-five days until Election Day. God help us!

Either way it goes, I’m afraid there will be violent reactions. I’ve been following Presidential races since Nixon vs McGovern in 1972, and this is the most divisive race I can ever remember.

Remember when we thought having a black President would ease race relations? How naive people were when they cast their votes for an unknown Senator from Illinois, just to prove they weren’t racists. It never occurred to anyone that he might just make things worse by undermining police authority with generalizations about police brutality against blacks and making accusations against police before having all the facts.

And don’t even get me started on Hillary. This is a woman with no moral compass. She has shown time and again that she believes herself to be above the law. And she has the high-powered connections to enable that belief. It’s obvious to me that she desires power and influence above all else. And as a woman of the 1960’s, she needed a man to fulfill that dream. How else could she remain married to Bill all these years?!

I have followed Donald Trump’s career and admired his business acumen for 40 years. Yes, he’s brash. Yes, he can be an obnoxious loudmouth. Yes, he tells it like it is. Yes, he’s had a bunch of wives and girlfriends, but to nowhere near the extent of Bill Clinton. Trump hasn’t been accused of violence against women the way Clinton has, and Hillary says Trump hates women?

One issue that I have always felt is important in a Presidential candidate is transparency. Secrets are a big red flag for me. The Clintons are neck-deep in secrets and conspiracies and shady deals. Donald Trump’s life is nearly an open book, for better or worse.

In most of the Presidential races I can remember the candidates were mostly the same, no matter which party they represented. Cookie cutter politicians. This year, I think the candidates are like night and day. Hillary is the quintessential politician. Slick and shady with her little troupe of handlers monitoring her every move. Then there’s The Donald. Oh, Donald! His loud retorts to his hecklers, his sarcastic humor, his brashness, his no-filter comments all prove that he is the textbook anti-politician.

I believe that Americans are tired of politics as usual. They want the truth. They want transparency. They want a government that listens to them.

Let’s hope, whoever wins this election, that Americans can come together as a People and work together to strengthen our nation. One nation under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.


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How ‘Never Trump’ Republicans Put Politics Above Democracy

via ‘Never Trump’ Republicans are plotting against democracy itself | New York Post:

The politicians trying to block Donald Trump’s nomination are elected officials. Elected. By voters. Their constituents.

They did not come by their positions by some Divine Right. They are tools. Elected by The People, to serve The People. They have no right to usurp the will of voters who chose Donald Trump, regardless of how they feel about him.

If our delegates are not bound by our choice as voters, then We The People have no representation in this election. These NeverTrump activists who want to “vote their conscience” are simply swapping our voice for their own. They have a misguided opinion of their jobs as elected officials.

Taking the lead on the anti-Trump bandwagon are Curley Haugland and Sean Parnell of Delegates Unbound. They think delegates should be allowed to vote for whomever they want, regardless of how their constituents voted in the primary.

This is exactly the kind of overreaching power hungry attitude that Trump supporters stand against.  Millions of voters sent a clear message that they are tired of all the politics.

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We Were Made to Be Courageous

Just as the Casting Crowns song says, “We were made to be courageous.”  In this politically correct world where people compete for the Most Tolerant award, Truth is seen as a liability. Even Christians fall for Satan’s lies.

Don’t get me wrong, tolerance can be a good thing. But just like all good things, it should be practiced in moderation with common sense. In other words, there are some things we shouldn’t tolerate. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it seems the Liberal/Socialist/LGBT ideology is spreading into traditional conservative arenas.

It concerns me to hear about churches accepting openly practicing homosexual ministers. Yes, gays need Jesus too. And God loves them as His children, just as He loves me. But the “gay is OK” mindset is just not Biblical.

No one tells a minister that it’s OK to continue with his lifestyle of adultery, fornication, pedophilia, pornography, or bestiality. Sexual sin is unacceptable– unless you are speaking of homosexuality. Then it’s “hate speech” or “homophobia.”

Personally, I see no difference. One sexual sin is as bad as the next. But I think Satan has convinced people, many Christians included, that homosexuality is not a sin. Sorry folks, the Scriptures say otherwise!

Then there’s the complaint of gay-bashing, which some of you probably think I’m doing here. I’m not. I think the reason so many preachers talk about homosexuality is because of how accepted it is now. Therein lies the need to counsel people more often about that issue.

If society decides that pedophilia is acceptable (and there’s a movement fighting for that) then preachers will start speaking out more and more about that. The growing acceptance of homosexuality makes it a hot topic for sermons, not because it is a worse sin, or because preachers are picking on gay people, but because preachers want to speak to their congregations about relevant topics.

That is not hate speech. It’s love speech. We Christians are commanded to love people. And love doesn’t mean being tolerant of everything coming and going!  Part of love is showing people the error of their ways, and guiding them in the right direction. We don’t say, “I hate you because you’re a sinner.” We say, “I love you, therefore I hate your sin because it’s going to separate you from Christ if you don’t stop it.”

So we Christians should be courageous. Speak the truth from the Scriptures. Be Biblically correct, not politically correct.

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Have Your News With a Grain of Salt

Are there any unbiased news sources left?

I try to get my information from a wide variety of news sources because I think that’s the best way to get to the truth of a story. But it’s getting harder and harder to get at the truth.

The bias in news reporting today is untenable and rampant. I find myself trying to read between the lines of news stories from sources such as the Washington Post, CBS, The Hill, CNN, Fox News, and Breitbart. It seems to me BBC America is mostly unbiased, but I have to be careful.

Most news stories I read, in my opinion, should be characterized as op-ed, not journalism.

Are the days of Woodward & Bernstein gone forever? Spin doctors pass themselves off as journalists. They are more concerned with taking a political stance than with bringing out the truth.

Years ago, when I studied journalism, one of the first and most enduring lessons we were taught was — tell the facts and just the facts. We were taught that there is no place for bias in professional journalism. I think I know some folks who need to go back to school.

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A Writer’s Life

I’m sitting here in my living room with just my coffee for company this morning. Even my cat has made herself scarce! I think I enjoy these quiet lonely mornings more than I should, then I remember, “I’m a writer!”

What is it about us writers that make us long for alone time? We all value the time that we can be away from the real world, and socialize with all the characters in our heads. We live our lives in paper and ink.

Although computers have made writing, editing, and publishing easier than ever, there’s nothing quite like taking pen in hand and creating a new world on sheets of paper. I’m from the old school, before computers, and I have the telltale writers’ callouses to prove it. I spent my youth reading everything, and writing anything.

Marriage and motherhood have taken the place of most of my writing time for the past twenty-five years, as is proper. Now that my kids are grown, or nearly so, and we’re 29 years married, I find that I’m fighting harder for me-time. The urge to create is growing in me once again. I need to write!

I dream of a secluded cabin on a mountain where I can escape with my pens, paper, and laptop, where the solitude and sweeping vistas open my mind to new worlds only I can see, until I share them in print.  My cat is there, and perhaps my dog. I stay for a few days or a week, and spend my days in deep rumination, escaping the clamor of family life, drinking coffee or iced tea or an occasional glass of wine, writing and researching, developing characters and concocting plot twists, relaxing and meditating, taking long walks and rediscovering my inner voice. For now, it’s only a dream.

For now, I sit here on the sofa, cars passing outside, my husband walking through to go outside to work on the camper. He just called for assistance; and my daughter is awake and  wanting breakfast. Soon my son will be in here watching tv.

Me-time is over, but I did pretty well today. I got a whole hour!

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Arlin Report

Bernie Sanders was interviewed or should I say stroked by Bill Maher on Real Time last evening.   Maher has endorsed Sanders; which is of no surprise; both are socialists.  Maher is a socialist, atheist Democrat.   Maher wants to help get Sanders elected.  (Frightening thought:  Sanders chooses Maher as his running mate).

It is obvious that Bernie is hanging around in the remaining primaries, leading to convention time with his fingers crossed that Hillary will be indicted or forced to drop out of the nomination process.   Forced out?   Don’t count on that, Hillary is too arrogant and delusional to quit.  There is a better chance of indictment than a drop out.  Bernie could have done more to help himself early on; make her answer questions and discuss her email situation rather than say “I am tired of hearing about your damn emails”.    There were/are a ton…

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The Great Bathroom Debate

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in a cave, you know about the dispute raging over transgender people’s choice of public restrooms. This issue has made its way from the outhouse to the White House.

In this week’s local paper (yes, our newspaper is published only once a week) a front page story revealed how the DOJ and the DOE sent a letter to all public schools in Kentucky stating that the schools must allow students to use whatever restroom they identify with, and the letter implied that schools could lose Federal funding if they don’t comply.

How is this legal? When did it become OK for the Federal government to bully citizens into submission? This issue is still being deliberated in courts and legislatures across the country. I think the Feds are overstepping their authority by acting as if the issue is resolved.

I agree, laws decreeing that a person must use the restroom that agrees with his/her birth certificate are just silly.  Are folks supposed to show their birth certificates to get permission to use the restroom? Laws like that are no solution, neither is the Federal government forcing people into what some feel is an unsafe situation. Although I disagree with the government’s heavy-handed approach, it will most likely be the impetus to real lasting solutions. Perhaps that was the whole idea.

I believe, in a few years public restrooms as we know them today will be gone, must be gone. There will no longer be large rooms with multiple stalls. This layout makes no sense if men and women are using the same room. The only real solution I foresee is to replace the rows of stalls with rows of rooms: individual non-gender restrooms with a toilet, urinal, and sink. That will eliminate chances of pedophiles in the ladies room, or little girls being traumatized; and it will allow everyone to use the restroom with peace and dignity, without making a federal case out of it.

There was a time in history when public restrooms were outhouses out back. The next incarnation was restrooms as we know them today with rows of stalls. In the near future many businesses may simply do away with public toilets to avoid controversy. Other places may opt for portable toilets. Whatever the future holds, I think we will bear witness to the transformation of an icon: the public toilet.


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