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Thoughts on Life and Liberty from an Average Middle-Class Kentuckian

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

on July 3, 2011

Question of the Day #1:

If given the choice, are you the kind of person who takes the red pill, or the blue pill? Why? When do you willfully do the opposite?

“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” -Morpheus (from the film The Matrix)

I’m afraid I’m a red pill kind of person.  I’ve always clung to the truth like a drowning man to a life preserver.  Most of the time the blue pill would be so much easier.  We all know ignorance is bliss; but that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

I know, sometimes reality bites; but adversity builds character.  What would life be without truth?

Although the truth has hurt me at times, I still hold it dear.  I wish everyone valued the truth as much as I.   I have been lied to and betrayed so many times!   The lies that hurt the most are the ones committed by people  whom I believed cared about me.  People that were supposed to “have my back.”

I’m not talking about the lies that are told to spare my feelings, like when my husband tells me I don’t look my age, or when we tell our toddlers about Santa.  I’m talking about lies that are told with hurtful intent by people that I trust.  Now those are the lies that hurt!!  Those are the most difficult to forgive.  Those are the ones that murder trust.

How about you?  Do you value truth above all else, or would you rather live in blissful ignorance?  Do you think it’s ok to lie to spare someone’s feelings?  Were you told a lie that killed your trust in someone?  What’s the worst lie you ever forgave?


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