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2012 is coming! 2012 is coming!

on December 27, 2011

There are many ways to say it, “Two thousand and twelve.  Two thousand twelve.  Twenty twelve.”  I’ve even heard people say, “Twenty oh-twelve,” which makes me chuckle.  However you say it, 2012 will arrive in a mere six days.

Tradition dictates that we make resolutions for the new year ahead, things we want to accomplish, improve upon, or avoid, such as to lose weight, quit smoking, get in shape, work more, work less, and so on.  The variety of resolutions is as innumerable as human desires.

I’ve been considering items for my 2012 resolutions list.  My list includes typical resolutions about improved health and well-being, finances, and bad habits, perennial items that never quite seem to get resolved.  My major resolution this year is to write more, not better, just more.  If the world doesn’t end December 21, 2012, I’ll resolve to write better in 2013.

I wonder how many people have considered the Doomsday Prophesy in their plans for 2012.  News reports stated that Christmas shoppers spent more this year than ever before, and credit card purchases were at an all time high.  Reckon people think they won’t have to repay the bills?  I guess if the world ends, credit bills will be irrelevant.

I suppose I missed out on the Doomsday credit freebie, but I do have plans for December 22, 2012.  Two plans in fact – Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A:  The world continues on and I get ready for Christmas.

Plan B:  The world ends, and I spend eternity in Heaven.

Either plan sounds fine to me.  I’m not going to spend the year worrying if the world is going to end.  To me the whole Mayan Doomsday prophesy is fascinating not scary, because I followed the Plan of Salvation that Jesus laid out for us in the Bible.

Have you made resolutions for the new year?  Do you have plans for December 22, 2012?  Do you think the world is going to end?  Are you ready if it does?

Please comment on this story and let other readers know what you think.

By the way, Happy New Year!


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