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Puppies, Kittens, and Kids

on July 8, 2012

Why do animals and children gravitate to me? I am frequently told, “You’re my other Mom.” Stray animals will pick me out of a crowd. I often wonder what they find so alluring about me, because I don’t particularly try to be alluring.

Recently, my daughter wanted to foster a stray dog we encountered. We agreed to bring him home until we can find him a home. He’s an adorable little (13 pounds) Jack Russell. My daughter calls him her baby, but he has imprinted on me, just like the werewolves in Twilight. He sleeps in her bed every night, yet I’m his #1. I don’t understand it.

My daughter claims a stray cat, or it claims us as its family.  She loves that cat, and the kitten it delivered at our front door. I don’t pay much attention to either of them, but the mother cat loves me. Why? Do I have ‘SUCKER’ written on my forehead? Do animals see me as a free meal? Do I have a special animal attracting aura? I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong. I love animals. When I was a kid, people called me Ellie Mae, like the girl on the Beverly Hillbillies tv show that constantly brought in stray animals of all species. I’ve had countless cats and dogs. I’ve brought home songbirds, moles, even a blue heron with a broken wing. It was thrilling to see that big bird fly away, after being in a box for two weeks with a taped up wing eating night crawlers and bugs I’d gathered from the yard.  Once an Ellie Mae always an Ellie Mae, I guess.

I’ve always said, “Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t get along with animals and kids.” I suppose they just aren’t my kind of people.

How much better life would be if adults were as easy to befriend as kids and pets!


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