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How ‘Never Trump’ Republicans Put Politics Above Democracy

on July 16, 2016

via ‘Never Trump’ Republicans are plotting against democracy itself | New York Post:

The politicians trying to block Donald Trump’s nomination are elected officials. Elected. By voters. Their constituents.

They did not come by their positions by some Divine Right. They are tools. Elected by The People, to serve The People. They have no right to usurp the will of voters who chose Donald Trump, regardless of how they feel about him.

If our delegates are not bound by our choice as voters, then We The People have no representation in this election. These NeverTrump activists who want to “vote their conscience” are simply swapping our voice for their own. They have a misguided opinion of their jobs as elected officials.

Taking the lead on the anti-Trump bandwagon are Curley Haugland and Sean Parnell of Delegates Unbound. They think delegates should be allowed to vote for whomever they want, regardless of how their constituents voted in the primary.

This is exactly the kind of overreaching power hungry attitude that Trump supporters stand against.  Millions of voters sent a clear message that they are tired of all the politics.


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